Natural Remedies for Constipation

When we talk about remedies for constipation, it is always preferable to go for natural remedies for constipation if that option is available.  Natural remedies are generally tried and tested by real people and without any economic agenda which is the aim of most drug companies.  Another good thing about natural remedies for any diseases including constipation is they are shared by people and then they spread usually with word of mouth.  If the remedy is not good or effective, it will not spread further or spread only in the group which benefits from the remedy.

For example, some remedies may not be appropriate for diabetic people; for example some juices may not be appropriate.

Natural remedies for constipation can be divided into two types.  First part is naturally available food or juices which can help in controlling constipation and this has evolved with experiences of various people.  Depending on the condition of the disease, the food and the lifestyle there can be different effective combination for different people.

Let us have a look at the various methods and natural remedies for constipation which has been tried successfully by different people.  You should remember that everyone of us have different body types so you may have to tryout few of the remedies before you can be sure about which one is most effective for you.

Food or Supplements as Natural Remedies For Constipation

1.  Take one rounded teaspoon of Vitamin C crystals and mix with a glass of juice and drink right away.   Usually lemon juice and Amla juice are also excellent sources of vitamin C and you can use these juices also as useful home remedies for constipation.

2. Mix half cup mixture of raisins, figs, and prunes with water and olive oil for a few minutes and simmer it on slow fire.  Filter and drink the water.  This has been found to be really effective.

3.  One of the excellent combination for constipation relief is dates and raisin.  Boil two or three dry dates and some raisins in milk, on low heat for long time and then let it cool down. Drink half an hour before sleeping.  This can be tried easily at home but people with diabetes should consult doctor since dates contain sugar in them.

4. Another great remedy is apple juice.  Drink a glass  or two of apple juice.  This works gently on the digestive system, and does not cause loose motions also.  Apple can be taken in many forms including juice, pulp and ACV and all of these are good for constipation relief.  You can read Apple for constipation relief.

5. Take some dry grapes on night, and put in to the warm water, on the next morning squeeze the dry grapes in to the water very well and drink it .  When you got relief from your problem , you can take your breakfast, tea etc.  Do not take tea of coffee first in the morning.  Start the day with 4 glasses of water.

6. For some people, eating simple food in the day time is really effective solution.  Don’t eat hard to digest foods in the morning and at noon and have it for Dinner.  Even when you have it have less quantities and have early dinner since this will give your digestive system more time to digest.

7.  For many people Kiwi fruit has proved to be good solution.  Whenever feeling constipated eat few ripe kiwis. It never fails!

8. Another popular remedy is take the combination of Cranberry juice 1c., orange juice 1c., cinnamon 1/4 tsp. and ginger 1/8th tsp. and heat it a little but.  Next add little fresh squeezed lemon drink while it’s warm.  This should provide relief soon. 

9. Methi Seeds or Fenugreek Seed- Soak one to two teaspoons overnight and take both methi and the water.  Taking it regularly will prevent constipation also.

10.  Apple Cider Vinegar – Take two table spoon with 16 oz of water two times a day.  This contains pectin which is a natural fiber and prevents constipation.  For more information you can read Apple Cider Vinegar for Constipation Relief.

Other Natural Remedies for Constipation

Apart from the above food and supplements there are other remedies also which are not food related and act as remedy for constipation.

1. Enema – Enema involves pushing water to the colon and large intestine from the anus.  This stimulates the peristalsis and expels old feces also.

2. Acupressure – Acupressure is pressing on certain points on the body which which help in curing constipation.  The various points in the body control the various energy points and heal many diseases including constipation.  The acupressure points once you know them can be pressed at home also very easily for 3 to 5 minutes each day on each point.  For more details you can see Acupressure points for constipation relief.

3. Yoga – Yoga contains many poses which can be beneficial for constipation and other diseases also.  The yoga poses squeeze the body parts in certain manner which relieve tension and make the digestive organs work more efficiently and improve digestion and elimination.  Many times constipation is also caused due to tension and mental stress and yoga can help you to get rid of these problems also.  Practicing simple yoga poses 10 to 15 minutes a day in the morning can be really helpful.

4. Naturopathy – Naturopathy involves using natural elements for curing the maladies of the body.  For example many diseases can be cured with air therapy which involved exercises of the lungs.  For constipation water and mud therapies are used.  Mud pack is usually applied on the stomach which takes out the body heat and toxins.  This also stimulates the excretory system.  If you want to understand more visit constipation relief with mud therapy.

5. Controlling Old Cough – Although this is not very common, many naturopaths also emphasize a lot on elimination of old cough.  The reason for this is old cough stick to the intestines and gradually the feces also start sticking to the intestinal walls which can cause water loss in the intestines and chronic constipation.

6. Eating Fiber Rich Food – Fibers are very important part of food as they absorb water and create the bulk so that body can easily eliminate the waste.  Try to take more vegetable and fruits and mostly in natural form as they are fiber rich and excellent for your body.  You should try to avoid too much of refined food like cakes, pasta etc.

If you combine the above with simple lifestyle, regular and moderate food habits and some regular exercise you would find that you can get rid of many diseases including constipation.

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