Oils Which are Useful for Constipation

Apart from the usual laxatives which are commonly used for treating constipation, you have another option.  These are the oils from various seeds and fishes.  Oil are also used for constipation relief frequently and also recommended by many proponents who prefer to treat various diseases with the help of materials and medicines available in nature.

Oils acts as stimulant types of laxatives and they stimulate the gall bladder and the liver to produce more bile.  Bile juice then flow to the stomach and produces lather like action which is similar to detergents which help in washing away the dirt from the clothes.  Oils also form a layer in the intestinal lining which prevents moisture loss.  Third action of the oil is it lubricates the intestines.  These three actions combined together help in fast constipation relief.

Here are few oils which you can use for relief from constipation.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used for thousands of year in the Mediterranean region where it is mainly grown.  Olive oil is renowned for helping in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels in the body and arteries and hence it is good for heart.  Olive oil can also be taken safely for constipation relief.

Take one to tea spoon twice a day.  You can also mix it with fruit juice like orange or apple juice.  You also add the olive oil to salad as dressing with vegetables or fruits which will increase the benefits.

Olive oil has other benefits like healthy skin, providing various vitamins like A, D and E.  Olive oil also helps in diabetes, arthritis and improves blood circulation.  Since olive oil when used in cooking does not absorb as much oil and since contains mono saturated fat it reduces risk of diabetes.

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Castor Oil

Castor oil is also used traditionally and specifically for constipation for a long time in many countries including India.  You can take castor oil once or twice every month and it provides relief very fast.  Usually it is taken before going to bed, but sometimes it can also be taken in the morning since it can cause bowel movements very fast.  You can read Castor oil for Constipation relief for more information.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil in virgin form contains fiber in natural form and its properties also helps in cleaning the colon.  It also increases the metabolism rate due to which food can be broken down, digested and eliminated easily by our bodies.  Coconut oil applied on the rectum helps in piles.

Linseed Oil

Linseed oils are produced from flax seeds which are excellent source of dietary fiber.  Linseed oil has many health benefits including constipation since it solves many digestive problems.  Using linseed oil can help you to avoid laxative.  Using linseed oil also provides benefits in IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), as the oil forms a lining on the intestines and reduces the inflammation and irritation.

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is a cooking medium in many parts of the world.  Some people may not be used to it flavor but it is a really healthy option.  Another use of mustard oil is for massage.  You can take a 5 minutes massage on the abdomen with mustard oil before bath and this provides relief on abdominal diseases and prevents your body from becoming dry.  Here is an article Simple 5 minutes abdominal massage for constipation relief which talks about abdominal massage for constipation.  Here is an article on Mustard Oil for Constipation relief.

Fish Oils

Fish oils which are mainly extracted from the sea fishes are full of omega 3 and fatty acids.  One of the sea fish oils include cod liver oil which is being used for long time all over the world for not not only constipation but also to get relief from cough and cold problems.  Chronic cough also causes constipation by sticking to the intestines and obstructing their function.

Omega 3 and fatty acids has multiple benefits like it reduces cholesterol and hence reduces risk of heart diseases, acts as anti aging agent since it extends the life of the cells, reduces inflammation and swelling in the joints and hence helps provide relief in arthritis, cure sclerosis and improves brain functions.

If you do not like the smell of the oil then you can go for capsule supplements which are more easy to take.  You can take 4 to 6 gel caps every day.  If taking oil then take around 1 teaspoon twice a day.

This also has lot of vitamin A and also good for skin.  However pregnant ladies should consult doctor before taking fish oil.  If you want to purchase fish oil then you can order fish oil online from amazon.  These are soft gels in capsule form available for $21.76 from amazon.  There is another variety of fish oil capsule which you can also buy from amazon and they are available for $11.99 from amazon.

Other Oils

Other popular oils include sweet basil, orange and pepper oil mixed in small quantities in coconut oil.  These oils have many properties including calming the nerves ans stimulating the nerves which help not only in constipation but also in other conditions and diseases.

Apart from various oils there are also many other natural remedies for constipation which are really useful and effective.  Going for natural remedies is the better way to go since they are usually safer and can be adjusted as per individual needs.  Other easy and effective way includes taking lots of fluids and juices and include some regular exercises everyday.

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