Parkinson’s Disease Can Be Reason For Constipation

Parkinson’s disease is a diseases of the central nervous system which causes the cells of the brain to degenerate. Due to this brain cell in the  middle region are affected.  Early symptoms include shaking of parts of the body like hands and the fingers.  Other symptoms including slowness of the body movements and problems in posture, speech, loss of memory and difficulty in creating facial expressions.

This disease usually starts after the age of 50.  As the disease progresses you also start having problems related to autonomous nervous system which controls the action of various involuntary motions and functioning of various organs.

Gradually the muscles of the digestive system also start getting affected as do the other related organs such as intestines and colon.   This could then become the reason for constipation in the patient. This are mainly caused due to the side effects of the medicines which are taken for this condition.  Sometimes the constipation can be so severe that it can also cause death.

The reasons for this disease is not properly know though many people attribute it to genetic factors also.  Still the relation is still not strong enough to point the genetic connection.  Usually for Parkinson’s disease Dopamine drug is taken.

As per the traditional treatment there is no cure for this disease.  However as per recent experiences of many patients in India who practice pranayama, they have reported major improvement in their condition.  Pranayama are yogic breathing exercises which are practice by millions of people in India now a days. We would suggest you to practice Anulom Vilom Pranayama which is an alternative nostril breathing exercise.  If you practice it daily for 20 minutes twice a day you would get benefit within few months.

Usually it has been observed that many boxers also suffer from this disease since they get lot of hits during the fights.  If you want to avoid this disease then you should exercise regularly and maintain healthy lifestyle along with anulom vilom pranayama regularly.


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