PH Balance is Key to Good Digestion and Health

Good digestion is essential to health and well being.  Good digestion can be ensured with a good PH Balance.  PH is a measure of acidity and basicity of any substance usually fluid.  PH of 7 is supposed to be neutral and less than 7 is acidic.  PH of more than 7 is supposed to be alkaline.  Most of the people have PH less than 7 which means they are having body tendencies which are acidic in nature.

In recent years and also couple of decades ago there have been many studies which have proved that when we are more acidic in nature we have various the illnesses.  When we are more towards neutral PH we are healthy and free of many diseases.  Many of the diseases like cancer have been also linked to excess acidity in the body.  Other common issues include migraines, weaker bones and fatigue.

How is the Acidity Get Increased in the Body

Usually the carbohydrates and sugars produce a lot of acids which start getting introduced in the blood and eventually in the cells also.  Alcoholic drinks also produce acidity.  Similarly any stale foods or those which are difficult to digest are also the culprit.  Too much spices and pepper are also responsible to increase in acidity.  If you eat meat then make sure they are not too much spicy and oily so that you get the benefits from the foods.  Fish are better since they are more neutral.

When the body is acidic the digestion also suffers a lot. In a study in South Korea it was found that when patients were able to reduce the acidity in the body they were also relieved from constipation.  When the body’s PH is neutral then all the cell are healthy and body is able to function properly.

How to Ensure that PH Levels are Healthy and Balanced

Green vegetables and leafy vegetables are good way to ensure that the PH levels are healthy as they generally bring down the acidity since they do not contain carbs.  Also reduce consumption of refined flour, juices since they are full of sugars and spicy food.

In the morning you can start taking warm water with lemon juice.  Lemons also contain magnesium which is also present in leafy vegetables which help in balancing the PH since it is alkaline in nature.

Exercise regularly and take lot of fluids since it will throw out the toxins from the body in form of sweat and urine.

Another reason that you should try to keep the PH levels healthy is because high acidity is supposed to be one of the reasons of our aging.  So if you are looking to live a healthy and long life and be free of diseases try to balance your PH with the help of suggestions above and reap the benefits.

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