Points to Remember Before Trying Constipation Home Remedies

Many times when we are suffering from constipation we tend to reach out for laxatives. As discussed earlier in several articles it may not be always prudent to go for laxatives all the time. Laxatives can cause many problems if taken indiscriminately and over a period of long duration. The next best route people take is to go for home remedies for constipation.

Home remedies can be defined as those health solutions which are passed on to persons based on collective knowledge based on observation over a long period of time.  These are generally passed on from generation to generation from parents to the kids and so on.  There is another difference between home remedies for various diseases and the prescribed treatments.  When we prescribe home remedy to any person our motive is to just help the other person and we do not consider any monetary benefit.  Due to this fact most people tend to believe more on the home remedies.

In most cases home remedies work quite well.  However this also may not be a wise decision in certain conditions.  Although the home remedies work quite well however in some cases they can be dangerous and detrimental to your health.  For example one of the good home remedy is to take apple juice.  Another good remedy for constipation is taking dates.  However these can increase the blood sugar levels fast also.  If you are diabetic this can cause sometimes be dangerous and take the blood sugar levels out of control.

Similarly in case you have stomach ulcers then taking bulk laxatives can become some issue as it can further aggravate the ulcer.  Guava is also good for constipation but its seeds are sometimes harmful for ulcers also.

Other Diseases that Cause Constipation

Sometimes many diseases can become the reasons for constipation.  For example your  constipation could be caused by conditions such as thyroid or parathyroid gland problems.  In other cases even diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or sclerosis can also cause constipation.  If we just take the home remedies for constipation instead of treating the disease itself it can cause more harm.

Therefore it is important that you should get yourself checked for any existing condition of diseases.  In case you are suffering from any particular conditions that it is recommended that you get treated for the condition first. Unless we treat the disease constipation is not going to go away also.

However there are certain home remedies like amla or triphala powder which can be taken by anyone safely.  If there are any other remedies you want to try then make sure that you are not suffering from any other conditions.

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