Poor Glycemic Control Can Cause Constipation

Glycemic Index(GI) is the measure of how fast the blood glucose level rises when we eat a particular food. Some food have very high GI levels whereas some other foods have pretty low GI. It is always better to eat food with low GI since our system can cope up better with gradual rise of blood sugar where as when we eat foods with higher GI the blood sugar rises very fast and that can cause many problems for us.

People who suffer from diabetes need to be particularly careful of high Gycemic Index foods as their blood sugar levels can reach dangerous proportions in a short while if they eat too much of such foods.

What is Glycemic Control

Glycemic control refers to controlling the intake of foods which increase our blood sugar too rapidly.  As mentioned above it can happen due to the uncontrolled intake of high GI foods.  If we control the intake of such foods then the blood sugar levels would not rise very fast and sugar is released into the blood gradually which our body can handle easily.  This can be done by taking low glycemic index foods.

How Poor Glycemic Control Can Cause Constipation

Long term lack of glycemic control can become one of the reasons for constipation. When the blood sugar rises too rapidly the cells cannot absorb the sugar from the blood and hence the sugar stays in the blood and not transferred out to the cells.  When this happens the sugar starts depositing in the artery walls which are the blood vessels which reduces their capacity over long term.  This will restrict the blood supply to many organs including digestive and excretory system.  It will also cause neuropathy which damages the nerves and reduces their sensitiveness.  When the nerves are weaker digestive system also responds poorly.  Hence when you keep on taking high GI food for a very long time it will definitely cause many problems including constipation and digestive problems.

If you are diabetic then this is going to cause even more problems and escalate the diabetes issues and very fast.  Many ladies are not able to control weight and carry on taking high glycemic index foods which is a major cause for constipation in women.

How to Maintain Glycemic Control

To maintain glycemic control you naturally need to take low glycemic foods in more quantity.  Examples of such foods include Dates, Baked and microwaved potatoes, corn flakes, watermelons, cornflakes, donuts, rice pasta, white breads etc.

Examples of low GI foods include most fruits including apples, oranges, pears, peaches and plums, legumes, nuts and many whole grains.

It would be advisable to take judicious mix of foods so that your overall food intake include those foods in more quantity which are having less GI so that you are able to stay healthy and avoid many diseases like diabetes, neuropathy and constipation.

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