Practical Tips for Constipation Cure and Relief

When we talk about constipation there are different ways to deal with it.  Most of them deal with food and what should be included in our diet. However there are few practical tips tips on following a healthier lifestyle which will help in constipation issue tremendously. In this article let us see how what are some other practical tips for tackling constipation problem.  Read the constipation basics article for more tips and information.

1. Do Not be Tense

When you go to toilet and motion does not come easily then come out of the toilet. You may then notice that in a short while you feel the urge again and this time it will be easier. The reason being when we expect to pass the stool, the abdomen becomes tense because we unknowingly do that. When you come out then the abdomen relaxes again which helps in easier elimination.

2. Drink Lot of Water

Drink lot of warm water first thing in the morning. This will help in easier elimination. You can see this article how water therapy can help in constipation. I cannot overemphasize the role of drinking sufficient water for a healthy life.

3. Do not avoid the urge

Whenever you feel the urge to go to toilet do not postpone it. If you postpone for long hours the stool hardens and increases the constipation problem. Another problem when you postpone the urge is the movement of the food in the intestines stop.

4. Avoid taking laxative too frequently

When you take laxatives too frequently your intestines lose their natural ability and become lethargic and you become habituated to laxatives. Laxative should only be taken in rare cases or on suggestion from your doctor. Some natural laxatives like Triphala can be taken more often since it is more neutral and detoxifying, still it is good to avoid them daily for the constipation problem.

5. Take food early in the evening

It is better to take food earlier in the evening and preferably 2 to 3 hours before you go to bed. This provide more time to body for proper digestion.

6. Notice what suits you

Many people are allergic to certain food and it can ruin their system. For a few week you can note down what food you take through out the day and how it affects your digestions and elimination. This will help you to decide which are suitable food for you and then you can plan your diet accordingly.

Following the above tips will go a long way in easing your constipation problem help you live a healthy life.

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