Prune Juice For Constipation Relief

Prunes are one of the most effective treatment for constipation which is available to us.  There are thousands of reviews and testimonials available which testify the effectiveness of prunes in constipation relief.  Prunes are fruits which are also used in variety of recipes and traditional dishes.  Prunes are also used very frequently in many desserts and some of the poplar dishes in Europe contain this fruit.  The dried fruit is also know as dried plum.

Prunes For Constipation Relief Prune Juice For Constipation Relief

Prunes are natural cures for constipation since they contain dihydrophenylisatin which is a natural laxative.  Prune juice also contains natural fiber which eases constipation naturally.  Hence taking prunes is a natural cure for constipation.

How is Prune Juice Extracted

For extracting the juice, first prunes softened with steamwhich is passed through them and once they are soft, they are pressed to create pulp.  Juice is then extracted from this pulp.

Prune Juice Dosage

If you want to take prune juice for constipation then you can drink around a glass or even two glasses of the prune juice.  To increase the effectiveness you can heat the juice a little bit bit.

If you are suffering from constipation for a long time then take the juice for a few days in the morning so that your system can start working normally again.

Prune juice contains a chemical called dihydrophenylisatin which initiates muscle contractions in the intestines known as peristalsis.  Hence it acts as stimulant laxative.

Prune juice also contains various natural sugars like sucrose which draw water from the intestines.  This will increase the water content in the food inside intestines and make them smooth.  This also increases their bulk.  Smoother and bulkier feces are easier to remove for the body.  Hence it also acts as bulk producing laxative.

Since prune juice acts as both stimulant and bulk producing laxative its efficiency is doubled and it can even eliminate chronic constipation very rapidly.

If you also have apple juice along with prune juice or after around half an hour after drinking prune it will give even more better results.

Other Benefits of Prune Juice

Prune juice also contains many minerals like potassium which can fulfill the mineral requirements of our body.  It has has anti oxidants which slows down the aging.  It also helps in solving hyper acidity problems by controlling the acid secretion.

Dried Plums For Constipation

Dried prunes are knows as dried plum.  Dried plums are prunes which are dried in the shadow.  Dried plums are also useful for constipation relief.  You can take two to three plums during the day and the next day bowels will be clear.  Advantage of dried plum over prune juice is you can take it any time and it is long lasting.  Prune juice needs to be freshly prepared, where as dried plums can be purchased from market and they can be easily used over a period of time.  Dried plums come out to be cheaper also compared to prune juice and contain more fiber per gram.

Note : If you suffer from diabetes you should consult your doctor before taking this juice since it contains natural sugars which can increase the blood sugar levels.

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