Reasons and Causes of Constipation in Women

Usually women are more likely to suffer from constipation as compared to men. There are several physical and social reasons behind this problem which make women more prone to constipation. In this article let us look at some reasons or causes of Constipation in women.

What Causes Constipation in Women?

Hormonal Changes – Women have more hormonal changes as compare to men which causes the body systems to behave differently and sometime inefficiently at certain times.  For example women undergo menstrual cycles every month during which time hormonal changes happen.  Similarly during pregnancy also hormone secretion increase of decrease during the different trimesters.  To learn more you can read the article Reasons for constipation during pregnancy.

Physical Changes During Pregnancy – During the pregnancy and after delivery the position of the intestines can get slightly changes since body carries the baby.  If mothers are not physically active enough the organs may not come back to their original position easily and it can cause constipation since stool cannot move freely.

Social Problems – Many women are shy to use the toilet when not at home.  Due to this they may keep on delaying the urge and this can also cause constipation by hardening the stool.  Another problem which is especially prevalent in many male dominated society is women take the meals after feeding the entire family and sometimes that means the hours and timings of meals can be totally irregular.  This cause digestive problems as well as constipation and many other problems.

Too Much Fiber Dependency – During pregnancy constipation may force them to take fibers.  But too much fiber can also do harm and stop your body’s ability to expel the stool.  You should avoid taking fiber supplements as much as possible and only take them when totally necessary.

Fad Dieting – Women are usually more figure conscious and fall prey to many fad diet which can create dietary imbalances and cause many health problems.  Before taking any fad diet ensure that it is suitable for you otherwise you may end up harming yourself more.

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