Reasons for Constipation in Young Kids

Constipation is equally prevalent in kids as in adults.  Usually when the kids are new born the constipation is less prevalent since they are more reliant on mother’s milk.  As they grow up they become more and more dependent on outside food and then the chances of constipation increases in kids.

There are various reasons for constipation in kids which can be one of the following –

Changes in Food

As the kids grow up, food gets switched from mother’s milk to cow’s milk or baby formula.  These food are more likely to cause constipation to kids as their digestive system may not be ready to process these foods.  For the infants their digestive systems are better equipped for digesting mother’s milk and may not be ready for external food.  Hence it is not always wise to rush in giving external food to babies.  They should be given external food only gradually.

Lack of Sufficient Water

Many times not enough water is given to kids.  When the kids take mother’s milk they get sufficient fluids with the milk, but when they are given the external food sometimes the amount of water required to digest the food may not be sufficient.  This can cause the food to become hard in the intestines and lead to constipation.


Some medications can also create constipation problems in the kids.  For example sometimes iron supplement can cause constipation.  You should contact your doctor for this.

Pain in the Anus

Sometimes, if the stool is hard for many days, it can cause injury to the inner walls of the anus due to which the child may try to stop passing stool.  This causes constipation as the stool loses water and become harder and more difficult to pass.  In long term it could develop into chronic constipation in kids which can be very serious problem.

Worms in the Stomach

Worms or parasites in the intestines can cause constipation by blocking the intestines and also decreasing the intestinal strength.  Kids have a tendency to pick anything from the ground and put it in mouth.  Because of this they have more chances of having worms in the intestines.  Read symptoms of parasites in stomach.

Solution for Constipation in Kids

Ensure that child get sufficient water and fluids and try to avoid too much of dairy products.  If external food is given then it should be easy to digest and contain sufficient fiber.  Most time just giving more water can solve most constipation problems in kids.

For more extensive solution you can go to home remedies for constipation in children.

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