Relation Between Antibiotics and Constipation

Antibiotics can make you recover from many diseases caused by bacterial infections. Although they are almost a compulsory treatment option for many diseases but there is also enough evidence about the relation between antibiotics and constipation. The reason is antibiotics also play havoc with our body systems due to the way they work.

Why do Antibiotics Cause Constipation and Loose Motions?

Antibiotics are taken when we are infected with bad bacteria which can cause variety of diseases such as throat and ear infection, sinus infections and various abdominal infections.  Usually the only way to treat the infections is by using antibiotics.  However, antibiotics also good bacteria which are present in our bodies and do certain beneficial functions.

For example in our intestines there are certain bacteria which help in aiding digestion of food and also prevent infection creeping into the blood stream.  There are also certain bacteria which can prevent the growth of other harmful bacteria which may be present in certain foods.  For example many people fell victim to E Coli bacteria where as many people were not affected since there immune system was better due to the presence of useful bacteria in their system.

When we take antibiotics these useful bacteria are also killed which disrupts the digestive system which explains the relation between antibiotics and constipation.  The bad part is it can also commonly cause diarrhea and if antibiotics are taken for a long time it can cause IBS.

Usually IBS is supposed to caused by irritation of intestines as reaction to certain foods.  However what is not well known is IBS may well be caused by long term effects of antibiotics and bad food habits.

Solution to Constipation and IBS Caused by Antibiotics

Usually you can avoid constipation and IBS which are caused by constipation with the help of pro biotics.  Probiotics are opposite of antibiotics and they consist of useful bacteria in form of food supplements.  These are taken orally and when they reach the stomach they can start the useful functions.  However when your intestines are deprived of good bacteria for long time then you would be required to take these probiotics for some time before you can start seeing the good effects of probiotics.

Once you start taking these probiotcs you would be able to realize the difference which these stomach flora make in ensuring our good health.  Many people who suffer from various long term abdominal problems report major benefits to their health.

There are many useful probiotics which are available online which can help you buy for regular use.  However make sure that you use them at recommended times and the right doses to get the desired benefits.

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