Role of Minerals in Constipation Care

There are many factors which can cause digestion and constipation problems. Some of the reasons may include reasons like inactive lifestyle, inactive intestinal actions, blocked colon and various diseases. Other reasons may include reasons like insufficient water intake and too much carbohydrate rich diet and lack of exercise in general and bad food habits. In cases of constipation in children the reasons may include stomach worms also.

One of the less commonly known reasons for constipation is deficiency of minerals in our body. There are various minerals which are required for proper functioning of our body and its various systems. For proper digestion of food and functioning of excretory system minerals play a vital role. Let us see what are the essential minerals and what is the role they play in relation to digestion and elimination.

Iron – Iron is one of the most essential mineral required in our body since they are part of the hemoglobin which is part of our blood. When we are deficient in Iron it causes anemia and weakness since the oxygen does not get carried well and hence it can cause constipation.

Magnesium – Magnesium help in neuromuscular functionality and which is required in functioning of intestines.  It also helps in neutralizing the acidity and reduces hyper-acidity.  Read importance of magnesium in constipation relief for more information.

Manganese – This helps in fat and protein metabolism and hence helps in absorbing the nutrition in our body hence helps in digestion.  It also helps in activating various enzymes which can help in improved digestive function.

How to get the Various Minerals

Usually if we take well balance food then the nutrition requirements can be met for most people.  For example Spinach contains minerals such as Iron and Magnesium,  Ginger and Blue berry contains Manganese and so on.  So if we have well balanced diet which includes fruits, vegetables and meats it usually will contain all the minerals in the right quantities and meet our requirements for these.

It is also recommended that we have fresh fruit and vegetables since they contain the nutrients in proper and digestible form.  In case you are unable to meet the mineral requirements due to the diets your take due to cultural reasons then you can think of taking supplements.  However for that to happen you would need to know which mineral you are lacking in through lab tests and then consult your doctor.

Triphala the Wonder Herbal Mixture

I would also suggest that you take herbal powder know as Triphala which is mixture of three dried fruits which grow in the Himalayan region.  This is excellent herb for digestion, overall health and also contains all the minerals in proper quantity.  Read Triphala for constipation and weight loss for more information.

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