Simple 5 Minutes Abdominal Massage for Constipation Relief

Our abdomen contains all the digestive and excretory organs and sometimes when they get lethargic it can affect both digestion and the elimination of the food.  Usually when your digestion goes bad you may go for digestive syrups and tablets and if you get constipated you would most likely opt for laxatives.  However there is another way to activate your abdominal organs which uses massage.

Abdominal massage can help you to both improve digestion as well as avoid constipation.  Usually abdominal massage is done with oil.  When you massage the abdominal region it increases the blood flow to all the organs and activates them and hence their efficiency increases.  Oil gets absorbed into the skin and from there it goes to the intestines via the blood.

Oil acts a mild lubricant and also helps the food in the intestines to retain their moisture and hence keeps the stool soft and easy for elimination.  Hence you can effectively treat constipation with massage.  In general food grade oils are good for health and have many benefits including constipation relief, relief in joint pain and also healthy skin.  For more information on affect of oils on constipation, read oils which are useful for constipation relief.

How to Abdominal Massage for Constipation Relief

This massage can be done by your own or you can also ask someone for help.  You would need some mustard oil for the massage.  If possible take the oil and keep it in sun for some time so that it can soak up energy.  Before you take bath sit on a chair and take the oil and put some drops in your navel with a finger.  Now take little more oil in your fingers and apply around the navel and massage it slowly in circular motion clockwise around the navel.

You would be able to observe that most of the oil get absorbed into the body.  Now take some more oil and apply it little far away from the navel and massage in a larger circle.  This way massage the entire abdomen region.  Now sit in the sun for 5 to 10 min.  In the meanwhile if you want you can apply the oil on the limbs also.

Now take back with cold water and rub the abdomen with hand while taking bath.  If it is winter you can take bath with little hot water.

If you take this massage for a few days you would be recharging all the organs of your abdominal system and constipation will go away naturally.  Massaging is a good home remedy for constipation which you can do easily at home.

Precautions during abdominal massage.

Do not massage too hard.
Do not massage if you are suffering from stomach ulcers.
Avoid this massage in case of hernia also.

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