Simple Morning Routine for a Clean Bowel Movements

Some of you may be struggling with bowel problems and constipation for a long time and in this article I want to point out a simple morning routine which can help in getting the bowels moving and provide relief from constipation within a few days to weeks once you are into this routine. I have seen benefits of following this routine not only in bowels problems but it also builds up great habits which are beneficial to you in other ways also and these can impact your life in a very positive ways.

So let us see what is this routine.  The key to this routine is to follow it in sequence since each activity can be trigger to the other activity and once you do it for days together it starts to become a habit and that is what we want it to be.  Once we are habituated to anything good or bad we almost do it automatically and we want that to happen for this sequence also.  So here are the steps in the morning sequence.

Those of you who suffer from constipation may be apprehensive about the bowel movement not happening in the morning.  Do not worry about it.  Just follow the routine mentioned here and you will be fine and get benefited.  If you feel the urge to visit the toiled in between you can do that but do not try to visit the toiled in case you do not feel th urge.

1. Brush Your Teeth

This may seem to be obvious but it is not followed by huge number of people.  I know so many people who want bed tea to be server once they get up.  I know many people who cannot go to toilet without a cigaret.  It is all a matter of habit so why not start the day with a good habit.  So as soon as you get up head to your bathroom and brush your teeth.  Do not be in a hurry.  Brush your teeth slowly and mindfully try to clean each of the tooth.  Then wash your mouth and also if possible clean your tongue.   Now you will head for the next routine.

2. Drink at least 2 Glasses of Water

Once you finish your brushing head towards your kitchen and drink at least two glasses of water.  If you want you can drink more water also.  Taking water in the morning energises all the internal organs and also fulfills the water needs of the body after 8 hours of sleep.  Since we sleep in the comfort of our homes we may not feel thirsty in the morning but the body will appreciate us taking the water first thing on the morning.

Taking water in the morning flushes out the toxins from the liver and the kidneys and also flushes out toxins from the cells so that those can be thrown out of the body.  The water we drink in the morning also reaches the intestines and activates then into action and the bowels starts moving.

If you want a better action you can take warm water with fresh lemon squeezed into it.  Lemon water is excellent for detoxification and for overcoming constipation problem and it can give a good flavor also.  It is also good for fat loss.  In case you want to know more you can read the article lemon juice for constipation relief and detoxification.  If you are not able to find lemon at home do not worry and just take warm water.

Water therapy has many benefits apart from constipation relief.  For more information read Water Therapy – a natural constipation remedy

We now head over to the final routine.

3. Mini Meditation

This will be the final step in the sequence.  In this step you will be trying to do meditation.  Now do not be afraid of the word meditation.  It is not as difficult as it sounds and like anything else it is a matter of practice.  We do not need to be perfect from the day 1 or the week 1.  We can gain proficiency gradually also and that is perfectly fine and well understood.    So how to start and what you need to do?

First of all you need to sit near  a wall in a quiet corner of your home.  You can place your back to the wall for support.  You can also take a pillow and sit on it as it makes it easier to sit on the ground.  Now take your cell phone and set a timer for 3 minutes so that it will set of the alarm after 3 minutes.  Now start the timer and close your eyes.  Concentrate on the breathing pattern.  Notice how you are inhaling and the same breath goes out after some gap.  Just keep on observing the breathing pattern.

You may notice that your thought will take you away from this observation.  That is natural since our minds are not trained to meditate or focus and it will happen with anyone who is starting the meditation.  Once you realize that you have wandered off try to bring back the focus back to the breathing observation.  Once the alarm starts ringing you can stop the meditation.  Since you meditate for only 3 minutes you are not under any pressure and that is why we call it mini meditation.  After you are comfortable then next week you can make it for six minutes for the next 2 week.  After that you can increase it to 10 minutes for 2 weeks and 15 minutes for a month afterwards.  You can continue as per your convenience.

You may be wondering why we need to meditate.  The fact is when we start meditating we sit still and the body is relieved of the stress.  The organs are relaxed and the rightness is gone.  In the relaxed body the digestive organs start to function properly and gradually you will see that the constipation is gone.

It is important to follow the sequence sequence since you should not drink the water with all the bacteria in the mouth and following this sequence will be possible only in the morning when the things are quiet in the house. Taking the water activates the digestive organs and activates the bowel movements and meditation relaxes us and all the internal organs due to which bowels can work more efficiently and constipation will be relieved.

I would recommend that you should do this immediately after you get up.  In case you try to do this sequence after some other activity such as checking your mail it is highly likely to fail.  Remember that good and bad both habits are usually trigger based so following these activities in sequence create triggers for the next activity and becomes easier to follow.

The triggers are as follows –

1. Brushing Activity – The trigger would be get up from the bed.

2. Drinking 2 Glasses of Water – Trigger will be brushing.

3. Meditation – Finishing drinking of water.

Just make a commitment to yourself to follow this for 10 days and you will see that you are happier and the life will start getting in order.

Apart from benefits in constipation problem you also get to develop few good habits such as drinking water in the morning as well as meditation.

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