Simple Secret to Improve Digestion and Avoid Constipation

If you want to learn about one secret which can help you improve your digestion and also avoid constipation then here it is. Eat early and moderate amount of dinner. In fact this simple tip is so effective that when you start practicing it you would be able to notice the difference almost within a day. I have rarely come across any other life style change tip which can bring health improvement so fast. If you want I would encourage you to give it a try tonight itself and notice the difference tomorrow.

So what is the trick? It is really simple. Have your dinner early. Having early dinner has immense health benefits which is ignored by most people although quite easily visible when implemented. So how early is early. In my opinion even 6:30 is a good time to have dinner. Now most people I know especially in Asian communities have dinner as late as 9:30 or 10 pm also in the night and may find it amusing to have dinner so early. But it is a fact that late dinner is responsible to acidity, heart burn, insomnia and digestive disorders and early dinner solve most of these problems automatically and it can acts as natural constipation remedy.

Why is Early Dinner Healthy?

From ancient times when our ancestors were living in the caves they used to have food when the sun was out and used to sleep as the sun went down. Most of them were hunters and it was easier to hunt or find food in the day time. As the sun went down and the darkness came they did not have much activities and went to sleep. This mean that most times dinner was taken before sun set. Due to this our bodies are best prepared for digestion when we take food early in the evening. The body gets sufficient time to digest food easily and at a relaxed state.

However in recent years in past few decades the dinners are going more towards late night in most parties and for many people who eat out. This is due to the influence of many factors like movies and other professional commitments. You may know many people in advanced age who have digestive and acidity problems. Ask them to take dinner early by around 7 pm and you will see that they will immediately report better and easier digestion and having a healthier body.

For people who suffer from acidity can also get benefited when they take early dinner and take a apple before bedtime. If you suffer from obesity make sure that you do not delay the dinner more than 7 pm and see the benefits within few weeks. Another advantage of taking dinner early is you would then also be forced to have lunch by 2 pm when the digestive strength is at its peak.

In case you feel it is rather too difficult to have dinner so early then you can gradually move towards this timeline. Say, you take dinner at 9 pm regularly then try to have it at 8 pm or 8:30 pm for a week. Then move to 7 pm or 7 30 pm the next week and finally you would be able to reach the timeline of 6:30 or 7 pm easily.

What to Do If You Feel Hungry Again

Usually you may feel hungry the first few days. If you feel hungry then you can take a bowl of tomato soup which should be sufficient to subside your hunger and prevent eating again. You can also take a glass of water every hour before you sleep. That way you will not feel hungry. Gradually over a period of time you will develop a habit of early dinner.

Once you start having the food at this time you will not feel like having dinner late since you would be able to witness all the benefits associated with this simple habit. You should take care to have light dinner and heavy lunch and not the other ways round.  You should take heavy lunch since you need more energy at the day time and light dinner since you need lesser amount of energy at the night time.  When we take heavier dinner the extra calories get deposited in the body as fat tissues and also the body has to deal with the extra blood sugar which results from the carbs we take in the food.

Therefore it is very important that we take light dinner and at the right time.  Taking light dinner also keeps the digestive system to work efficiently and thus prevent diseases of the digestive system and the colon.

And yes, there are other social benefits of early dinner which I would like you to be aware of.  Once you start taking early dinner you have enough time to spend time with the family just chatting with them or playing with your kid and being sure that you would get up fresh and healthy in the morning and developing a healthy family which is happy and full of energy all the time.  So go ahead and make this small change and see the benefits in your life and also in the lives of your loved ones.

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