Simple Tips on How to Avoid Constipation

Many of the articles in this website deal with dealing with constipation which may be caused due to certain disease condition or otherwise.  In this post I intend to provide information on what steps you can take to avoid constipation in the first place.  Those of you who do not suffer from constipation may think that it is not that serious a problem, but believe me, it is quite serious issue for those who suffer from this malady.

At one point of time I also used to suffer from this problem a lot but gradually with experimentation and with the help of friends who went through similar problems I have learned that it is better to avoid constipation instead of dealing with it when we are already suffering from this problem.

So the question I am frequently asked is how should we go about avoiding constipation?  The answer to this may lie in how we eat and what kind of lifestyle we have.  If we eat healthy and also support our digestive system then we may not have to go though the problem of constipation.  Here are some of the steps you can take to avoid constipation.  If you follow these steps regularly then when you are pregnant then also your body will be able to avoid constipation.

Tips on How to Avoid Constipation

1. Take Isabgol Occasionally– Isabgol is a natural husk which is really effective against constipation.  It does not get absorbed in the body so you can also take it once in a while may be every once in a month so that your intestines are clean and clear.  Here are some articles on Isabgol which will provide more information – Isabgol for constipation relief and Benefits and Side effects of Isabgol.

2. Take Castor Oil Occasionally – Once in around 45 days you can take Castor oil.  Castor oil cleans the entire Liver, and washes off entire digestive system and makes it healthier.  Here is an article on Castor Oil for Constipation Relief.

3. Take Lots of Water – Water can keep you hydrated and fulfill the liquid needs of the body.  When the body has sufficient water, all the systems work properly and problems related to constipation can be avoided to an large extent.

4. Take more Veggies and Less Meat – Veggies are easier to our digestive system compared to meats which strain out system a lot during the digestive process.  Also avoid too much of butter and tofu.  Instead opt for healthier oils like Olive oils.

5. Pamper Yourself – Occasionally go for some home remedies for constipation or natural remedies for constipation which can restore the digestive powers and keep you healthy.

Follow the above tips and you would find that you are able to avoid constipation almost effortlessly since your digestive process is healthy and strong.

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