9 Simple Tips to Improve Your Digestion

We take food regularly but many times we do not get the benefit which we should get from the food.  In fact sometimes indigestion happens which can instead cause you to fall sick.  Here are some simple tips which can ensure good and proper digestion and provide you the benefits expected from the food.  When digestion is proper chances of constipation reduce automatically.  Let us see the simple tips for ensuring better digestion.

  1. Eat slowly and chew well – When we eat slowly and chew it many times, out mouth generates saliva and enzymes which help in digesting the food early.  Once this food reaches the stomach the digestion process has already started.

  2. Avoid eating when emotionally unstable – When you are in emotionally unstable condition like stress, tension, anger, shock or sorrow the digestive juice do not get generated properly.  Therefore you should avoid eating during these conditions.

  3. Eat only when hungry – Many times we eat just randomly and not thinking about whether we are hungry or not.  When we are hungry it means that the digestive juice are flowing and body is ready to digest the food.  If you eat when you are not hungry then digestive juices are absent and it can cause problems like acidity.

  4. Leave Some Space in the Stomach – Do not eat to full stomach.  Leave some space (around one fourth) when you eat.  Your stomach will thank you for this since it will find it easier to digest when food is in lesser quantity.

  5. Drink water after sometime – Do not drink water immediately after the meal.  Drink around 1 to 2 glasses of water after around 45 minutes from the meal.  The digestive juices become diluted if you have water immediately after the food.  If you have water after around 45 minutes to 1 hour then the digestive juices have already got the chances to start the process and the water can now soften the food for further digestions.

  6. Reduce Tea and Coffee – Tea, Coffee and alcohol reduce the digestion process since they reduce the sensitivity of the liver which releases the bile which is essential for digestion.

  7. Do not eat too much spicy and oily food – Too much spicy and oily food interferes with the digestion process and body cannot regulate the proper flow of digestive juices.  It can cause hyperacidity and indigestion.

  8. Maintain a regular meal time – If you maintain proper meal times you can do your body a big favor.  The excretion of digestive juices happens automatically during those times and when you eat food on those times it becomes easily digestible.

  9. Have foods in more natural form – Have the food in their natural form as much as possible.  Human being during evolution have been eating fruits and vegetable in their natural form.  Similarly if we have more fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods we will discover that the digestion is easier and we will feel healthy and light.

Almost all the religions also mention that the food we eat is gift from gods and it is only proper that you respect the time you use for eating your meals.  If you follow the above simple tips then not only will the food be digested properly but you will also get the most benefit from the food you eat.

The above tips are also useful for preventing constipation in kids.  They also should be encouraged to eat slowly and follow as many tips as possible.  when they have good habits from childhood they will not face many problems of digestive system when they grow up also.

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