Top 3 Tips to Avoid Constipation During Pregnancy

One problem which is quite common in pregnant women is constipation.  This problem is so common that around 70% of pregnant women suffer from severe constipation during pregnancy at some or other stage of pregnancy.  The reason for constipation during pregnancy is hormone which is release in more quantities during stages of pregnancy. For more details you can read reasons for constipation during pregnancy.

Since pregnancy is a condition where many drugs and laxative may have harmful effect, which is why it is more difficult to control the problem.  Many people feel helpless and think that not much can be done.  However there are definitely few thing you can do for constipation relief during pregnancy.  Let us look at some of the safe and good constipation remedies during pregnancy.

Tips to Avoid Constipation During Pregnancy

1. Drink More Water – Water is life savior and it is where the life started in the beginning.  When your body is replenished with water we can get rid of many problems and the best part is it does not have any side effects.  From the initial stages of constipation start having lots of water, especially have around 1 liter of slightly warm water in the morning after you get up.  This will get your system moving and clean up the bowels easily.

You can also take coconut water as it is nutritious, keeps the body cool, cleans your digestive tract and tasty.  Coconut water can be one of the real safe supplements to take during pregnancy and it will help you to avoid pregnancy constipation.

2. Acupressure – Acupressure can play a important role in relieving pregnancy constipation problem since it is quite safe.  It can also be applied in case of other constipation patients also.  In acupressure specific points in the body can trigger energy flow to various organs.  If we press those points, problems related to those organs can be solved.  For constipation some easy places to press are the calves in the legs which improve the working of the digestive organs and also the inner sides of the elbows.  There are other acupressure points for constipation which can also be pressed.  Each of these points can be pressed 3 to 5 minutes 2 times a day.

3. Take More Natural Diets – Taking fruits and vegetables in natural form will help you to avoid constipation problem.  Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of minerals and fibers which fulfills nutrition needs and provides enough fibers which help clear the bowels easily.  As you would may aware that all doctors emphasize the need for taking fibers since they create bulk in the digestive tracts which help clean the bowels.  Since fruits and vegetable contain natural fibers they should be important part of your diet.

Follow the above tips and co9mbine it with some regular walk or light yoga sessions everyday and you would be able to avoid constipation and also have far less chances of constipation during the delivery of your child.  So follow these healthy habits and get ready to invite your angel to world with a great state of body and mind.

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