Fabulous Triphala for Constipation Relief and Weight Loss

If you want to opt for some herbal remedy then I would personally like to suggest Triphala for constipation relief as well as weight loss also. I have personally used Triphala many times and not necessarily for constipation problem but also as general tonic. Let me first tell you about Triphala first and then how you can use it.

What is Triphala?

Triphala actually means three fruits in Sanskrit. It is made from dried and powdered fruits which are mainly available in India and surrounding regions. The fruits which are part of Triphala consists of Amla, Baheda and Harde.

Even individually these fruits have tremendous merit and benefits and can help in lot of ailments and when you combine these three fruits together what you get is a beautiful tonic which can keep you healthy and prevent diseases when used regularly.

Amla which is one of the constituent of Trifala can also be eaten as raw fruit and is one of the largest sources of Vitamin C.  Great thing about Amla is it Vitamin is preserved even in dried form.

Uses of Triphala or Trifala

1. Triphala Constipation Relief

Triphala is one of the best home remedies for constipation.  In fact this is one of the most recommended and effective remedy for constipation.  Take one teaspoon of Triphala powder with milk or water in the night and in the morning the bowels will be cleared.

You can also put one teaspoon of Triphala powder in a glass of water at night and leave it overnight.  Have it in the morning when you get up.  That will not only provide relief in constipation but also detoxify you.  If the constipation is too chronic then take two teaspoons of this powder.

2. Triphala for Weight Loss

Triphala is also useful as weight loss remedy.  This tonic detoxifies you and and makes the Liver and other organs function optimally.  It restored the metabolism function of the body and when our metabolism works properly body can get rid of excess fat more efficiently.  Hence Triphala is excellent remedy for weight loss without any side effects.

3. Other Benefits of Triphala

Triphala is also useful for the following –

Complete detoxification
Cures Skin diseases due to detoxification
Improves Liver function
Provides many useful minerals needed by the body
Reduces Cholesterol
It rejuvenates and heals
Removes Unwanted Fat
It is also useful against HIV and inhibits this virus
Effective in Cancer
Has antibacterial function
Useful in Eye diseases if you use mix the powder over night in water and then wash the eyes with the filtered water.  It cures conjunctivitis also.
Helps in having good hair health.

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