Two Fruits for Digestion and Health

If you are looking for suggestions on increasing your digestive power and common solution for abdominal problems like constipation then you can solve it quite easily with two common fruits.  Although these two fruits are different in taste and how they look but both of them are excellent solutions for many health problems faced by both adults as well as children.  The fruits we are talking about are Papaya and Apricot.

Benefits of Papaya and Apricots in Digestive Health

Helps in getting rid of Stomach Worms – Both papaya and apricot work in unique ways which is not found in many other fruits.  They can kill the worms which are present in our digestive tracts.  Digestive tracts can get contaminated with various kinds of parasites and these can be very harmful.  There are many side effects of worms in stomach and intestines including anemia, indigestion and can be a cause of constipation.  If you eat this fruit regularly or give it to your children the special chemical in these fruits kill the worms.  When we are free of worms body can absorb all the nutrients, intestines start working properly again.  The intestines can then easily the do their work and push the food out and help in constipation relief.

Great Sources of Natural Fiber – Both these fruits also contain pectin which is a natural fiber which can create bulk in the body.  Fibers can help in absorbing water which make it easy for the body to clean up the bowels. If the bowels are clean toxins are expelled from the body regularly and you can avoid problems of digestion and other health problems.

Both these fruits are also great way to fulfill mineral requirements as they contain various useful mineral required bPapaya for Constipation Curey our body.

Usually papaya can be eaten in ripe form and also in raw form where in it can be boiled and then mashed.  This is also a good option for relieving constipation in childrenand babies as it can clear bowels for them and also cure the various abdominal problems.  Ripe papaya can be taken by patients of diabetes also since it is not that sweet and thus safe for them.

Fruits for constipation Apricots can be taken in both ripe form and also in dried form and it is also a good source of vitamin A and C which is also helpful in eye diseases and great skin.  Apricots also contain anti oxidant in form of beta-carotene.

Taking fruit in your meals is always a good remedy for constipation and also get the required nutrients and in case you are suffering from digestive problems then start including these two fruits regularly in your meals and see the difference.

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