Use Fasting To Get Rid Of Constipation

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One of the lesser know and lesser used treatment is fasting.  Fasting is a part of religious tradition in many communities and religion across the world.  Fasting helps purify the person both at spiritual and physical levels.  Most of the diseases is a result of our bodies not able to cope with the food we intake.  We usually think that more food we eat more energy we would have which is not the correct way to think.

The food we eat needs to be processed by the digestive organs so that nutrition can be absorbed into the blood stream and from there distributed to the cells in the body.  The food we eat also contains elements which are toxic in nature and when we do not eat the right kind of food, toxins keep on building up in the body.  The toxins give rise to various diseases in form of skin diseases and other problems like interfering in the functioning of the Liver and the Kidneys.

The body becomes more lethargic and it affects the energy levels of the person.  The digestive organs including the intestines and the colon also lose their ability to eliminate the feces since their natural movements slow down and lack the power to eliminate the waste.

How Fasting Helps in Constipation

When we fast for a day or even half a day, the digestive system gets rest.  The energy which is used for digesting the food is gets saved and body uses that energy to throw out the toxins.  It is good to have lot of water and fluids during the fasting period so that toxins can be flushed out through the urine.  Once the body gets  rid of the toxins, all the organs  of the body get refreshed and cells become healthier.  The organs can work properly and get more sensitive.  The digestive system also improves and regain the normal functionality and can deal with many conditions like constipation which is caused due to lethargic movement of the feces.

How to Fast Safely

If you have never fasted, it would be good to do it gradually.  For example, start with only half a day and only have one meal.  Next week try to extend it to full day.  Through out the day, continue to have water or juice as that can provide you energy and also wash away the toxins.  If you are too hungry you can also try just to have apples. Apples and juices are highly as part of natural remedies for constipation and also as home remedies for constipation.  Next time onwards you can make it weekly one day fasting.  When you break the fast, have lemon juice with warm water.

Fasting will also help you to lose weight and you will fell more energetic and get more clarity of thoughts.  This act will also help you make right choices in food and in a few weeks the constipation will disappear.
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