Using Aloe Vera for Constipation Relief

If you are looking for a herbal solution to your constipation problem, you do not look further than the wonder herb Aloe Vera.  Apart from use of Aloe Vera in constipation relief, this herb has also been being used for a long time for skin diseases, improving skin texture, burns, diabetes and overall health solution.  It is also used as sunburn solution.  Aloe Vera has also been proved to provide relief in ulcers for many patients.

I have also used aloe vera myself for many months and and found it to be very useful in maintaining overall health improved many problems of the digestive system which included reducing stomach acidity and improving digestion.

Aloe is astringent which tighten muscles, and has laxative properties. There are many aloe vera products to choose from. For best results, choose an aloe that is close to that of fresh organic aloe whole leaf.

How to take Aloe Vera for Constipation Relief

1.  The best option would be directly from the source which is the plant itself.  You can also grow the plant or the shrub at home in ports.  The leaves are thick and you can take half a leaf and take out the juice.  The juice is like gel and can be used fresh.  Make sure you take not more than 2 tea spoons as it is in a concentrated form.

2. Second preferred form is to take it as juice available as products in the market.  Usually these will be available in diluted form.  Take two table spoons and mix with half  a glass of water for having it.

3.  If the above two are not available then you can go for aloe vera capsules.

Benefits of Using Aloe Vera for Constipation

There are many benefits of using aloe vera for constipation which are also why you should consider using this herb.  Aloe vera is quite mild laxative and works on the intestines gently and there by does not have side effects.  It works on the various digestive organs such as liver and gall bladder and stimulates them to release the digestive juices properly.

This aids digestion therefore it is also good for overall health.  It also repairs damaged tissues of the stomach and makes it healthy.

Aloe vera is also good for those who have problems of acidity and acid reflux and taking it regularly improves this condition.  Many time having acidity problems for a long time causes stomach ulcers.  If you take this juice regularly not only will you be able to control the acidity problem but it will also heal the ulcer.

Aloe vera also makes the skin smooth shiny and it is one of the best natural skin ointments and that is the reason that many commercial skin care products also claim it as one of the ingredients.

You can also massage the skin directly with the aloe vera juice.

Since it also improves the immune system, heals wounds and also provides many supplements like vitamins and minerals required by the body.  Hence when you take aloe vera for constipation you also end up benefiting yourself in other ways.

Aloe vera can also be taken with other juice like orange or apple juice if you find its slightly different taste difficult to take with water alone, though in most cases it can be easily taken with water also.  However if you are taking this juice for constipation then apple juice is recommended as this juice helps in reducing constipation also.

Taking it at bedtime is better option.  If the constipation is too severe then continue this for 4 to 5 days and then take a break of 2 to 3 days to avoid creating dependency.

Other than having the plain juice another good combination is to mix it with Amla juice.  Amla is another wonder herb and has many wonderful healing properties.  There are ready made products in the market which are available containing both these juices.   You can take this around two table spoons everyday morning with a glass of water to solve many health problems and keeping yourself healthy.

Regarding the dosage of aloe vera for constipation, many people find it more beneficial if they take it every other day instead of daily.  Everybody has different body constitution and different way their bodies react for any substance they take so you may need to experiment a little to decide on the frequency and the amount of aloe vera.

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