Using Ducolax Suppositories and Laxatives

Ducolax is a brand which is present for more than 50 years in the field of constipation remedies and they have many products and solutions for this ailment.  If you are thinking of using Ducolax suppositories and laxatives you can find more information in this article about these products.

Since different people may have different types of constipation problems there are different varieties of Ducolax products.  Here are different options available for Ducolax

Ducolax Bisacodyl – This is used more as suppository.  Suppositories are taken in through the rectal region and can cause very quick motions and provide relief.  Usually Bisacodyl suppository provides relief in an hour by stimulating the colon muscles.  Another variety is available which is taken orally and it provides relief overnight.  Usually this is taken before X-Rays or Operations.

Ducolax Stool Softner – Softeners increase the water content in the intestines and make the stool soft and hence easier to pass.  Stool softners pull the water from the intestinal walls and can also be taken by pregnant women as they are highly likely to suffer from constipation.

Ducolax Balance – If you want to get relief without side effects of fibers such as cramps and bloating of the stomach then ducolax balance may be used.  It is available in powder form and should be taken with water.  When this is taken the stool is softened and pushed to the colon.

This product is quite popular among people who regularly suffer from constipation, however like any other laxative if you are not getting proper relief even after 5 to 6 days then you should discontinue this and consult your doctor.

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