Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose) – Yoga for Constipation Cure

Food we eat plays an important role on our health and well being. Improving our food habits can have a positive impact on our health and when we talk about constipation it is more important to have good food.  Apart from proper food habits, practice of yoga is also very helpful for constipation relief and cure.

Vajrasana - Yoga for Constipation Cure


As per Ayurveda the ancient Indian system of medicine, constipation is the mother of many diseases. When a person suffers from constipation, the toxins are retained within the body, which can lead to many problems and diseases. Some of the obvious diseases which are result of constipation are piles, hemorrhoids, fistula etc which are directly related to constipation.  Apart from the above diseases there are many other diseases which are indirectly caused by constipation like boils in the mouth, skin diseases etc.

The toxins which get accumulated due to constipation also leads to problems of gas, acidity, lack of hunger and in some case cancer of various organs.  If constipation is taken care of, not only these diseases, most other diseases can be easily avoided.

Yoga is a very effective method to avoid and overcome chronic constipation. Yoga is a holistic way to bring your entire body system to a balanced system. Practice of yoga activates all the systems like the circulatory system, digestive system and the nervous system. The internal organs receive more blood flow and get more energy to work properly.  Hence yoga is extremely effective in constipation cure

Although many poses which are helpful for constipation are dynamic poses or standing poses, let us tell you about a pose which is a sitting pose yet very good for people suffering from constipation. This pose is called Vajrasana or sometime also referred to as Virasana.

Vajrasana for Constipation Relief

Vajrasana is one of the meditative poses and also a sitting pose. In this pose you fold your legs and sit on your ankles. Just do this for 10 minutes after the meals. Doing this after the meals is an excellent way to increase your digestive power.  If you want to know more about this pose you can see this article Improve Digestive Power with Vajrasana .

Apart from constipation relief Vajrasana is also good for those who suffer from leg pain and stomach pain.  From the perspective of acupressure, Vajrasana puts pressure on the calves. Calves have acupressure points for abdomen and this is another way this pose helps. If you want to know more how acupressure points are affected by this pose you can learn at Relating Vajrasana Effects with Acupressure .

Unlike many other poses, Vajrasana can be practiced immediately after taking food. You can also sit and read or contemplate in this pose. Hence I would encourage you to practice this pose and benefit from it.

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