Vegetables That Relieve Constipation

One of the natural ways to tackle constipation is eating lots of vegetables.  Although eating more amount vegetables is healthy way to eat but specifically for constipation that can be effective.  In this article let us look at some vegetables that relieve constipation.  Eating vegetables builds up health for simple reason.  They are sources of various vitamins, minerals, useful enzymes and essential elements like starch, proteins and carbohydrates.  On top of it, vegetables also contain food fiber in the right and natural ways and juices which fulfill the fluid requirements of the body.  Let us have a look at some vegetables which are particularly useful for constipation relief.

Papaya – Papaya is a tropical fruit which can help control many health problems like constipation, worms in the stomach and skin diseases.  To have unripe papaya it is advisable to boil it and then have it.  The enzymes in papaya makes digestion process happen easily.

Cabbage – Cabbage is a source of natural food fiber.  Juice of cabbage regulates the acid produced in the stomach and it is helpful in controlling problem of acidity.  You can have boiled or raw cabbage or even have it as curry.  Since cabbage produces bulk in the stomach it acts as mild laxative.

Spinach – Spinach is also rich source of fiber and can be taken in salad form.  It can also be taken in many recipes as it enhances the taste and provides relief in constipation with its fiber.  The vitamins in spinach help improve the digestion process.

Lettuce – Lettuce is another popular vegetable which is used in salads.  Like spinach it contains lot of water and also helps in creating bulk in the bowel.  Another use of lettuce is since it induces sleep, it helps in the digestive process since our digestive system acts best when we are in deeper sleep.

Methi or Fenugeek Leaves – Methi leaves can be used for preparing nice dishes and it cures many problems including constipation and chronic cough.  Methi leaves also provides fiber and roughage and also remove cough from the intestines.  Methi seeds are also effective in relieving constipation.

Lemon Juice – Whether lemon should be considered a fruit or vegetable may be debatable it definitely helps in providing constipation relief.  It also aids digestion and cure many other conditions.  For more details read Lemon juice for constipation relief.

Other useful vegetables are carrots and zucchini which also provide food fiber.

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