Water is a Common Cause of Constipation

Water is the most wonderful chemical in the world. It is the life source for most organism in the earth and most organism would die within days if deprived of water. For us human beings water is most important for survival after air. For people suffering from constipation it is often suggested that they should take sufficient water intake. That way the digestion would be better and easy.

The food being digested and converted in stool will be soft and intestines will be able to push it easily with its peristaltic process for elimination. If everything is nicely balanced you would not have any difficulty in absorbing the nutrients and also body would not find any issues in elimination.

water can cause constipationHowever the fact is water is a common cause of constipation. It may be surprising or even sound counter intuitive to hear that but it is true.  You may be wondering how that is possible since more water intake is supposed to help in getting rid of constipation.

Here is a fact which is not known to many people.  Did you you know why water tastes different in different places.  Since chemically water consists of just two types of atoms Hydrogen and Oxygen ideally it should taste the same all over the world.  But in reality you may notice that water tastes different sometimes even 50 miles apart.  The reason is there are many other gasses and minerals dissolved in the water we drink.  Those mineral and the gasses provide the distinct taste to the water.

Usually rain water tastes the best since it has only gasses dissolved which provide the distinct taste.  When the water seeps into the ground and then harvested back there starts the potential problems.

How Water Can Become Cause of Constipation

When water seeps into the ground the mineral which is abundant in the region get dissolved into the ground water.  In most places in the world millions of people dig wells to get water.  The water they fetch also contains the dissolved minerals.  There can be many minerals such as arsenic which can even cause poisoning and potentially take lives.  However there are some minerals which may not be that much harmful in short term but still cause many problems.

One of the examples of such mineral is Iron.  When there is abundance of Iron in water the water becomes reddish in color.  People in that region would have reddish teeth.  However some times it may not be in that much abundance but still over the prescribed limits so you may feel change in taste but continue to use it.  However Iron is one of the minerals which if taken in more quantity can cause constipation.

Similarly in some places you would find that water contain high amount of Calcium.  Calcium interferes the ways another important digestion related mineral Magnesium is absorbed by the body.  Magnesium is pretty important for proper digestion and avoiding constipation. Sometimes it is possible that the reverse is true which means that the water is too deficient in essential minerals which can also cause other problems. Contaminated water can cause many diseases and health problems like acidity, gas and indigestion. In such cases it is best to use a good quality filter which can make sure that water contains all the minerals in balanced quantity.

How to Avoid Constipation Caused By Water

To avoid constipation caused by water it is always better to use water filters which will filter out mineral deposits and also water germs.  There are several types of filters available in the market but usually the Reverse Osmosis filters are the best to provide clean and safe water.  If you are looking to buy water filer you can buy Countertop Water Filer from Amazon. You can also use alum to settle down the soil and minerals below the water storage and then use the water after filtering with a thin cotton cloth.

If you are traveling to a new place it is better to drink commercially available bottled water till you are sure about the quality of the water. Although you may notice that local people may not be using filter, but one of the reason is they are more used to that water and may not even know that it is the cause of the many health problems they may already be facing. Clean drinking water is essential for health and well being and with simple water filter it is also relative cheaper to get for most people.

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