Water Therapy – Natural Constipation Remedy

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One of the most important favor which you can do on yourself is having a lot of water.  In day to day life we commonly miss out in having sufficient quantity of water which is needed by our bodies.  Our bodies needs lot of water to flush the toxins from the body and  keep all the systems healthy.  When body is not supplied with sufficient quantity of water, many problems may occur like dull skin, sluggish digestion, build up of toxins in the body and constipation.

Usually, most of us do keep drinking water here and there during the day but it is easy to miss out on having sufficient quantity.  Once we quench our thirsts usually we do not drink more.  Because of this we frequently end up having insufficient quantity of water.  The solution to this is drinking most of the water we need as a first task in the morning.  Drinking sufficient water in the early morning is important so that all the toxins are flushed out, is known as water therapy.

Water Therapy

Though it sound like a heavy word when we add the word therapy, it really is a simple process which can be practiced by anybody at home on their own.  So, what do you need to do?  Simple drink lots of water.  Here is how to do it.

Once you get up in the morning, before taking any other food or drink any fluid, take around 1.5 ltrs of water and heat it till is warm enough.  Ensure that it is not too hot, else you may not able to drink it.  Pour the water in a glass and drink it together.  In case you cannot drink it all, have as much as possible and then wait for little while and then finish the rest.  Next take another glass and finish it.  Repeat this till you finish the entire water.

In case you feel too much bloated in the stomach, wait for 3 to 4 minutes and then take more water.  Initially it may be difficult to take 1.5 lts of water but a tleast take around 1 ltrs the first day.  In the course of next few days take to quantity up to to 1.5 ltrs.

How Water Therapy Benefits You

What ever we take is absorbed in the intestines and goes in to the blood stream.  Similarly water is also absorbed.  It has same effects as washing a dirty object with gush of water instead of pouring little water over the period of the day.  Have 1.5 ltrs of water together will flush out the toxins from all the major organs, tissues and the cells.

The body becomes fresh and you will get renewed energy.  Liver, one of the most important organs, which play very important role in digestion also gets flushed.  It cleans up the intestines.  Since you have lot of water together, all water does not gets absorbed and reaches the colon where it creates pressure and pushes out the stool.  Practicing water therapy for few weeks would help remove lot of constipation problems.

You skin would become soft and there will be radiance.  Many skin problems also disappear.

Other Tips

You can add lemon juice if you also want to lose weight.  Adding ginger while warming also adds to the flavor and helps drink more easily.

Do not have anything else for at least around half an hour.

You may need to urinate more in the first few week but there is nothing to worry.

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