What are the Health Benefits of Guava

Usually when someone talks about fruits, the fruits which come to the mind are commonly apple, mango, grapes and pear etc.  Guava though not commonly seen is a gift of nature and its benefits cannot be ignored.

Here are some facts about Guava and its benefits

Guava contains minerals like calcium, manganese, phosphorus etc which can help fulfill mineral needs of the body.

Guava is one of the best natural remedies for constipation.  Seeds of guava accelerate the expulsion of stool and it is good for constipation.  However seeds should be gulped down and not chewed as it may not be good for people with stomach ulcers.  Eating one to two guavas is highly recommended for those who are prone to constipation.  Raw guava can cause constipation hence guava should be eaten when it is too raw.  If you want to eat raw guava chew it properly.

  1. Guava provides relief in old cough and expels the mucous from the body.  It is excellent remedy for common cold also.  As old cough and mucous also cause constipation this helps in constipation relief also.
  2. Ripen guava increases strength and improves functionality of brain due to the minerals and the heart.
  3. Eating guava regularly is good for anemic persons, weakness of nerves and problems of convulsion.
  4. The juice from the guava leaves taken on empty stomach is good for gum problems including bleeding and bad breath and mouth sores.
  5. For Diabetes take bunch of guava leaves.  Boiled in water till the water becomes half in quantity and cool it.  Filter the water and drink it.  This is a good home remedy for diabetes.  Since diabetes can cause constipation therefore it also helps in constipation problem indirectly.
  6. For skin problems, boil the guava leaves and make a paste.  Apply the leaves at the place where there is skin problem.
  7. Try to eat guava with the skin.  It should not be peeled off but wash it properly before consuming.

Eat one to two guavas a day for good health and meeting your nutrition needs.

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