What are the side effects of Laxatives

Laxatives are very commonly used remedy for constipation.  Laxatives make it easy to clean the bowels and those who suffer from  chronic constipation are often tempted to over depend on laxatives.  However if you think that you can get away with using laxatives every time you face constipation be aware that there can be several side effects of laxatives about which you should be careful.

What are the Side Effects of Laxative Abuse?

As is the case of taking any drugs, laxative can also have some side effects.  One of the most common and harmful side effects of laxatives is developing laxative dependency.  Laxative can make it easy for the body to clean the bowel and the peristaltic movement need not be that strong.  When laxatives are taken routinely, the intestines lose their natural ability to work towards absorption of nutrients and also expel the feces.  Once you develop dependency on a laxative, you have to keep on taking it in future also and sometime increase the dosage when the current dosage become ineffective.

Another common side effects of laxatives is it can interfere with other medication you may be taking.  Since some laxative may interfere with how you body absorbs the material in the intestines, while some laxative can change the way body releases water in the intestines, you should be careful if you are on medications.  Best thing to do is to consult your doctor when on other medications.

Sometimes when laxatives are taken without being careful sometimes it can lead to diarrhea and loss of body fluid.  If the laxative you take causes diarrhea and it goes out of control it can cause dehydration.  Many people also suffer from nausea and vomiting.  Usually diarrhea is caused by either too much dose of laxative or due to some allergy you may have from the laxative.

Another condition where laxatives may be harmful is during pregnancy and just after child birth when nursing the baby.  Some of the constituent of the laxative can be harmful for the child.  While breast feeding some chemicals in the laxative can reach the baby through breast milk and cause trouble for the baby.  So if you are pregnant or have a small baby then you should talk to your doctor before taking any laxatives.

What are the alternatives for Laxatives

Two of the best solutions for constipation is taking lot of water and also include more natural fibers in your food.  You can learn more about fiber at importance of fiber for health and constipation relief.  You can also think of using aloe vera for constipation since this fiber has lot of other benefits apart from just constipation relief.

If you take right amount of laxative after consulting your doctor, chances of developing complications due to usage of laxative will be minimal. Then you can safely use them and get the benefits associated with laxatives.

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