Wheat Grass as Natural Cure For IBS and Constipation

One of the natural wonders available to us is wheat grass.  Wheat grass is one of the most beneficial tonic or herb available on the planet.  Wheat grass is so beneficial in so many diseases including cancer that is real wonder that not enough people still use it, and those who use it actually wonder why others are reluctant to try this wonder herb.  Let us know more about wheat grass in this article.

What is Wheat Grass ?

Wheat Grass is the plant which grows from wheat seeds. When the plants sprout from the wheat which is sowed in the soil and grows to 3 to 4 inches tall which is around the 7th day, this is called wheat grass. This grass is used for treating many diseases and conditions.

Juice is extracted from the wheat grass known as wheat grass juice and drinking this juice treats the diseases.

How to make Wheat Grass juice?

You would need the following –

1. Around 500 grams of Wheat seeds – Take wheat seeds which can germinate as sometime seeds are available in the market which cannot sprout.  Try to avoid commercial wheat seeds which are genetically modified, since nature is the best healer so stick to what nature gives us.

Hint – Try to avoid wheat flour made from genetically modified wheat.

2. 7 Pots with soil in sufficient quantities – Since wheat needs to be germinated we would need soil.  Usually soild from our kitchen garden can be used, and if you unable to find soil nearby, you can also buy soil.  Try to use soil which is not mixed with artificial fertilizer like urea.  You can use natural composte made from leaves and animal waste.

3. A juice mixer/ mixer grinder – This will be used for extracting the juice from the wheat grass.  Since we can go for wheat grass for long time for good health you can invest in a good juicer.

Ensure that all the seven pots are filled with sufficient quantities of soil.

Steps to Grow Wheat Grass

You need to divide the seeds in seven parts and put the first part in the pot number 1 on the first day.  On the second day put the second portion of the seeds in the second pot and so on till the seventh day.  Water the pots regularly.  Do not flood the pot with water.  Around the 6th or 7th day the first pot would have wheat grass which are ready to use.

When the plants are around 3 to 4 inches tall these can be used. Cut the plants around one inches above the soil and put them aside. Once all the plants in the pot are harvested take out the roots and plant the seeds again in the same pot. The next day, remove plants from another pot and so on.

How to make Wheat Grass Juice

Take the wheat grass which was cut and clean it thoroughly with water.   Put this grass in the juicer/blender and add very little water and grind it thoroughly.  Now put this pull either in a thin cotton cloth and squeeze it to extract the juice or put the put in a strainer and extract the juice.

Taking the Wheat Grass Juice

This juice give most benefits when taken on empty stomach.  Therefore have it early in the morning around 1 to 2 hours before taking anything else.  Around 6am in the morning is an excellent time to have it since we usually do not have breakfast before 8 am.

Take around 50 ml of this juice on empty stomach and then do not have anything for one hour at least and preferably two hours.  In the morning when the stomach is empty our bodies are most receptive to this juice so we should take it empty stomach.  Another benefit of taking early is you can then avoid the breakfast for two hours.

If you are suffering from serious disease like cancer then take it in the evening also around 4 to 5 hours after lunch.

It is not uncommon to get diarrhea after having this juice but continue to take it everyday.  Within few days you would be free of most diseases.  Constipation and IBS get cured easily and many many people have also gotten rid of serious diseases like cancer also.

In one of cases personally known to us one cancer patient was told that he only had 6 months to live.  His son started giving him wheat grass juice twice a day.  Till 45 days there were no improvements visible, but gradually soon they discovered that the blood stopped coming out of the mouth and patient started improving rapidly.  In three months the patient was totally cured from cancer and start walking 2 to 3 miles everyday and doctor declared him free of cancer.

Wheat grass is a nature cure for constipation and usually constipation and IBS is cured within a week of taking this juice.  So take wheat grass juice and stay healthy and avoid diseases.

This juice is full of chlorophyll and provide ample oxygen to the body and rejuvenates it.  If you are looking for good home remedy for constipation go for wheat grass juice.

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