When to Take Isabgol for Constipation

Isabgol is another name for Psyllium husk which is a very popular laxative for constipation relief.  Isabgol is taken very frequently by many who suffer from constipation and it is a very popular anti constipation product.

You can get more details at Isabgol for constipation relief for more information.  Sometime there can be some side effects of Isabgol also which you should know before you take it too frequently.  However for most parts it is a safe laxative.  Here are some reasons on why you should use Isabgol for constipation relief –

Taking Isabgol for Constipation

1. General Anti Constipation Remedy – Isabgol does not gets absorbed in the body hence it will not disturb other systems and also not interfere with other medicine which you may be taking.  Isabgol provide fibers which helps in releif of constipation.  Because of its inert and beneficial nature it is so popular.

2. Prevention of Constipation – You can take Isabgol once in a month if you want to use this as preventive option.  Taking this once a month when you do not have constipation can help in avoiding constipation since the digestive system would remain healthy and sound.

3. Detoxification – Since Isabgol eliminates even the old stool which might be stuck in the intestines it helps in detoxification of the body and keeps you healthy.

4. For Removing old Cough – Sometimes old cough and phlegm can get attached to the intestine walls and create health issue and encourage constipation problems.  Taking isabgol will remove the old cough from the intestines and remove lethargy of the intestinal muscles and improve peristalsis.

5. Isabgol for Weight Loss – Isabgol can also be used for weight loss since its detoxification properties encourages healthier Liver function which can process the fat more efficiently.

6. Preserved for Long Time – You can keep Isabgol at home for a very long time and it has a very long shelf life.  So you can keep on using it once in a while when needed and again keep it back.

7. Colon Cleansing – Isabgol also cleans Colon along with intestines.  If your colon is not clean it can lead to many diseases including cancer.

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