Yoga For Constipation – Kati Chakrasana

Kati Chakrasana - Yoga for Constipation ReliefKati Chakrasana is one of the Yoga poses which is used in Yoga therapy for constipation cure and relief. This pose is very simple and easy to practice and can be easily done at home. Kati Chakrasana means waist rotation posture.

Here are the Steps to Practice Kati Chakrasana

Stand with feet around shoulder width apart.  Try to ensure that body is evenly balanced on both feet.

Inhale slowly and deeply.  With exhalation, take the left hand back and place it on right hip.  Also place the right hand on the left shoulder and look back as much as possible.

Stay in this position for few seconds and breathe normally for 5 to 8 times.

With inhalation, come back to original position.

Now repeat the same sequence on the other side.

Repeat this posture for 9 to 12 times.

Note :

1. After practicing 3 times drink 1 glass of warm water.  Then again practice for 3 times.  Keep repeating this for the 12 rounds, drinking 1 glass of warm water after 3 rounds.

2. Try to twist as much as possible.  The body weight should be as much balanced as possible on both the feet.

Benefits of Kati Chakrasana

1. This posture activates the intestines and the peristaltic movements regain normalcy.  Hence it is very good for constipation problem.  Drinking water after each 3 rounds ensures improved benefit in constipation.  Practice this pose early in the morning before eating anything else.

2. The back and neck are toned and stiffness is cured.

3. Fat is reduced from the waist.

For more information read Yoga for Constipation Cure.

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