Your Constipation Could Be Result of Stroke

Sometimes there can be unpleasant side effects for some physical conditions or diseases which in itself may be a very bad thing to be in.  Stroke is one such condition.  Stroke happens when there is blood clotting with the brain which prevents fresh blood flow to specific part of the brain.  We all know that one of the primary functions of the blood is to carry fresh oxygen to each part of our body including the brain cells.  Due to stroke the brain cells of the affected portion are deprived of oxygen and can start to die.

Stroke happens mostly in people above ages of 50 but now a days people who are very young have also been observed to suffer from strokes.  This is being caused by deadly combination of constant stress and bad eating habits combined with high cholesterol in the arteries.

Side Effects of Stroke?

Most common side effect of stroke is paralysis of body parts.  Generally the most common part to be affected is the facial muscles and usually it affects one side of the face since stroke can affect the corresponding portion of the brain which is related to that part.  Other problems can include difficulty in balance, speech and paralysis of the half body portion.

Relation Between Stroke, Digestion and Constipation

When a person suffers from stroke there is a problems of lack of muscle control and difficulty in chewing and swallowing.  The food which is eaten cannot be chewed properly and that is the place where the digestion actually starts.  When this half chewed food reaches the stomach, there may be a condition where in the stomach muscles do not work properly as stoke may have affected those muscles also which will weaken the digestion.

Strokes can also become reason for constipation since intestines may also lose their ability and potency to function properly.  As we all know intestines perform two very important functions – Absorption of the nutrients from the food and elimination of the food by pushing the food being digested towards the colon.  This happens through the movement known as peristaltic movements which is contraction and expansion of the intestines for pushing the food forward.  When muscles are not controlled properly due to problems from the brain to the muscles this movement is also affected.  Hence there are huge chances that stoke may end up causing constipation in these patients also.

How to Avoid Stroke?

Usually people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and those suffering from diabetes are more likely to suffer from stroke.  High blood pressure can make the arteries weak over long period of time.  In case of cholesterol and diabetes there are deposits in the arteries which make the arteries narrower and increase the chances of stroke.  Hence we should try to control these risk factor through a combination of food, exercise and proper medications.

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