Your Piles Could be Cause by Constipation

If you suffer from rectal bleeding during visit to toilet you are most likely suffering from piles?  Pile causes rectal bleeding mostly while passing stool.  Let us understand the reasons behind piles.

What is Piles?

One of the embarrassing condition is Piles.  Although piles is not painful, it can causes blood loss due to bleeding and and also cause embarrassment.  If the person suffering from piles is weak and anemic it could cause the person to faint or cause many health problems.  The veins are affected near the anus region and when pile persists for a long time it increases the risk of infection being spread through the injured region.

How Piles is caused by Constipation

Usually constipation happens when the feces are not passed from the intestines towards the colon.  When the feces stay in the intestines for a long time, it hardens.  When you try to pass hardened stool, two problems can happen.

The hard stool scratches the surface of the inner anus region know as hemorrhoid and due to regular scratching this region loses the moisture and cuts and injuries can develop. This can cause bleeding.  If there is existing injury, the scratching further injures the affected  veins and causes more bleeding.

Secondly persons suffering from constipation usually put more pressure to eliminate stool, which increases the blood flow near the anus or the hemorrhoid region.  This can cause the veins to bleed due to increased blood flow.

What to do in case of Piles?

You should avoid hot and spicy food and non vegetarian food.  In general any food which generates heat in the body should be avoided.

Drink lots of water, increase food fiber and fresh vegetables and fruits in your food.

Try to control constipation by taking mild laxatives. Once the constipation is brought under control, avoid the causes of constipation which in the first place causes constipation.  Pile is also caused by pregnancy so you should be aware of reasons of constipation during pregnancy.

There are many remedies for constipation mentioned in this website which you can try for controlling constipation.

In case of persistent piles, you should get it operated and then in future avoid constipation.  If these simple steps are followed you can get rid of piles.

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